What You Should Know About Selling Your Junk Car

What Happens After I Sell My Car Today?

We live in a time when not having a vehicle is hard to imagine. We use our cars to get us everywhere – to go on vacation, shopping, or to travel to unfamiliar destinations. As a result, they wear out and eventually become a wreck. Fortunately, some companies buy junk vehicles. If you are wondering: “What happens after I sell my car today?” Here is the answer.

Even though your vehicle is beyond repair, many of its parts still have value. Cars that have been in a collision will have bit and pieces that someone else could use for their vehicle. If your car is destined for the scrapyard, then you may want to sell it to a junk car company for some cash. To provide you with a price, the technicians will ask you a few simple questions about your car, SUV, or pick-up truck. After they receive the answers, they will estimate the value of your scrap car and come to pick it up and give you the money.

After they take it away, your old automobile will end up in a facility where the technicians will check it carefully. The full inspection includes taking off the battery, tires, draining the fluids, and checking for hazardous and flammable materials. The glass and plastic will be taken off, leaving just the metal, and the crushing process will begin. Your car might be flattened, or it might live on as a cube for a while – either way, it is far easier to transport to a shredder in this state. Once shredded, the metal can be more effectively used for recycling.

If you are still wondering: “What happens after I sell my car today?” feel free to contact STL Auto Buyers Fenton at (636) 342-4543 and receive straightforward answers to all your questions. Our company has been in the local business in Fenton, MO for over 4-years. We provide fast and fair quotes to all our clients.

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